Our Programs

Streets Of Joy
Program I:

Transitional Living Program

This program is based on an ambassador working 150 calendar days; but is also dependent on write ups and drug test results. Working 150 calendar days means that Ambassadors must actually work for an amount of days that total 150.

Streets Of Joy
Program II:

¾ Program

This program is for individuals who come to the program who are already employed and are in need of sober living housing. They must be able to pass a drug test upon entry and have verifiable proof of employment. Weekly rent is $150 and is due upon entry into the program.

Streets Of Joy
Program III:

SSI/SSDI Program

Ambassadors who receive SSI or SSDI are required to pay $550.00 initially to enter the program. Rent is due every 1st or 3rd of the month. If the ambassador is unable to participate in any volunteer work they will need to pay the full $750 each month. After three months Ambassadors’ Residency Fee will increase to $750 a month. The ambassador must still participate in the work volunteer schedule, however they will be limited to certain jobs, which are not strenuous and do not require heavy lifting (less than 30 pounds).

Streets Of Joy
Program IV:

Jump Start

This program is an outlet for couples who are currently living in hotels or weekly rooms who need to save money to move into an apartment or place of their own but cannot due to the financial burden of paying rent daily or weekly. One of the designated couple members will be required to pay a weekly residency fee of $100/week on behalf of the couple. This is designed to be a 6-week program. Any length of stay past this mark will be required to pay $150/week per person.

Streets Of Joy
Program V:

Second Chance

The program is to provide those who are recently released from either jail or prison (within 30 days of release) a chance to find stable placement and employment. Before entry into the program proof of recent incarceration must be provided, as well as release dates and clean drug tests. After entry into the program, they will have to work as a volunteer for 30 working days. When that is completed, they will then be able to search for their own employment and start working.